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Chameleon Chamber Group @ Hal Samples Gallery

Posted by Unknown on 3:16 PM
From Hal Samples Gallery

Tom Haynes and I attended a showing at Hal Samples Gallery last night. The Chameleon Chamber Group played; they have a really cool sound. For lack of a better term the quartet has "modernized" classical music pieces. I really enjoyed the sound and upstairs at Hal's gallery is a great intimate space to see a band. Here is a video sample I shot from my regular digital camera. It was pretty dark and the camera had trouble keeping up. I had trouble holding the camera steady for so long.

We didn't stay for the next band. I didn't get the name of that band. If you ever get a chance to catch The Chameleon Chamber Group, don't miss it; you're in for a treat.

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We're getting the band back together!

Posted by Unknown on 11:18 PM
Mark today, February 23rd, 2009. We got the band back together. After many attempts, my very good friend and long-time creative collaborator Tom Haynes and I met for several hours today. We made plans to launch several creative endeavours together and for each other. I'm excited and really looking forward to what we have planned. It really seems like the timing is right and things are falling in place. We've also committed to meeting each day this week and to agree on a long term schedule by next week. We've also agreed to document as much of our process as possible. We're off to scout a gallery where Tom will be displaying his photography work.
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